Home automation and control systems

The idea of an automated home used to live within the dream world of films, but with recent technology developments it is now possible to automated almost every aspect of your home or office.

A control system can control a host of devices and services, including:

  • TV and Audio distribution
  • Shade, blind and curtain control from the touch of a button
  • Automated bath filling and temperature system
  • Integrated door entry and CCTV system
  • Video matrix integration
  • Heating control

We specailise in a range of home automation and control systems, including:


With controls for lighting, audio, video, security, heating curtain/blind control and door entry systems, the Crestron systems provides a fully automated solution for your house.


Suitable for a whole range of applications from residential to commercial, this versatile system offers a wide selection of energy saving dimmers and lighting control solutions

The Lutron system features the unique ability to be installed over radio frequency, with no new wiring required.



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